Anti-smell pads

Remove unpleasant smells

We offer a nonwoven treated with a patented anti smell formula to remove bad smells. Perfect for facility management, filtration, construction products, auto, absorbents or furniture. Or as a anti smell pad for consumers to keep homes, cars and boats free from unpleasant smells.
The anti smell pads are also available for resellers targeting consumers under our own brand Smellsfine.

How does it remove smell?
Smell is actually small particles in the air. When these get in contact with our anti smell pads, the bad smelling particles are neutralized and turned into non-smelling particles.

Application areas
Anti smell nonwoven can be used in all types of products where smell elimination would add value.

Are you manufacturing products used in environment with bad smell, and where anti-smell functionality would make sense, contact us.

This nonwoven can also be packaged for the consumer market to be used to eliminate bad smell in homes, cars and boats.


Anti smell pads targeting consumers can be offered under your own brand – but it is also available under our Smellsfine brand.

What smells can be eliminated?
These are example of bad smells that the anti-smell nonwoven can neutralize.

  • Smoke
  • Mold
  • Sweat
  • Trash
  • Smelly food ( such as cheese or fish)
  • Rubber
  • Petrol

This is a completely new and innovative Swedish technology that suit perfectly for products that would get an extra boost from adding smell elimination.,

Bengt Wannehag, Sales, Scandinavian Nonwoven


What we deliver:

We offer a needle punched felt or spunbond treated with anti smell formula formula from  Prebona.

We have Scandinavia’s largest range of nonwovens, but we also develop nonwoven based on your needs.

Contact us if you are unsure about which material best suits your product.

Spunbond & Needle punched felt
We offer anti-smell nonwoven in both spunbond and needle punched felt – both very flexible nonwovens.

We deliver both sheets and on a roll in different sizes, shapes, colors and with different properties.

We also offer packaging of the product if you wish to offer it as a consumer product to .

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