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A World of Nonwoven

Nonwoven is truly an amazing material! It is flexible – you can change the properties to a much larger extent than many other materials. That’s also the reason why it is used by so many various industries.

Since we started in 1982, we have delivered and developed nonwoven for hundreds of producing companies. Today we can offer the largest range of nonwoven in Scandinavia.

Our strength lies in finding the right material to our customers. If it doesn’t exist? Then we’ll develop it for you!


Different Industries with Various Needs

Nonwoven is available in so many different variations – with a great number of different properties concerning softness, durability, liquid and air permeability, resistance, absorption and much more!

It makes a preferable material in many production industries. You find nonwoven in cars, within healthcare, in food packages and in the walls, floor and roofs of your house. And in many other places around you!

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Ten materials with unique properties
Sample of Fiberglass


Sample of Chemically bonded

Chemically bonded

Sample of Needle punched felt

Needle punched felt

Sample of Spunbond


Sample of Coated nw

Coated nw

Sample of HDPE nonwoven

HDPE nonwoven

Sample of Spunlace


Sample of Thermobond nw

Thermobond nw

Sample of Wetlaid


Sample of Meltblown