Liquids Can Pass While Moisture is Blocked

Absorbents are used to absorb moisture or odours in the packaging and transport of moisture-sensitive products and food products. Nonwoven material is used as a backing of absorbents because nonwoven material has the ability to allow liquid to pass while blocking moisture.

Good against moisture
Coating spunbond, which is a nonwoven material, creates properties in the material that allow moisture to pass through but block liquid, making it perfect for absorbents.

For this reason, this type of material is used for sachets of absorbents used in the packaging and transport of various products sensitive to moisture and odor. It is also used for absorbing oil and liquid.

Our nonwoven is also used within the healthcare sector for wound absorption.

Strong and durable
Spunbond is not affected by moisture or liquid, and is also very durable. It is also possible to effectively bond into sachets with the help of heat.

The industry for absorbents just keeps growing. Absorbents are important to both producers and consumers as they help to absorb moisture or odours in order to keep products or food fresh.

Bengt Wannehag, Sales, Scandinavian Nonwoven

What We Deliver:

We deliver different types of nonwoven materials for absorbents – particularly spunbond

We have Scandinavia’s largest range of nonwovens, but we also develop nonwoven based on needs. Contact us if you are unsure about which material best suits your product.

Perfect for many absorbent applications as it filters small particles but let liquids and oils pass through

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It is coated spunbond that can block liquid while allowing vapor to pass through.

We deliver by the roll or the sheet in different sizes, thicknesses and colors, and with different properties.

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