Needle Punched Felt

Soft and Environmentally Friendly

Needle punched felt is a soft material with a high level of air permeability. It is often used as a stronger replacement for spunbond or as a cheaper alternative to fabric.
Sample of Needle punched felt



  • Soft
  • Can be made stiff
  • High air permeability
  • High particulate absorption
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Can be made resistant depending on which material is used

Needle punched felt is soft and allows air to pass through very well, while at the same time trapping particulates like dust. The material can also be made stiffer by heating it together with melt fiber in order to mold it, for example.

It’s resistance to e.g. water, heat and various substances can be affected by choosing the right type of fiber during manufacturing.

The material is thicker than spunbond and cheaper than fabric.

By using waste material, from your own or external manufacturing, the needle punched felt can be manufactured in a very environmentally-friendly and cost-effective manner. A large proportion of polyester-based needle punched felt is produced from, for example, 100% recycled PET bottles.

Often used as a softer alternative to spunbond or a cheaper alternative to fabric.

Furniture & beds: Needle punched felt is used as a dust cover, around springs and on the back/underside of furniture and beds. It is often a cheaper alternative than using fabric.

Filters: Because of its great air permeability and good dust absorption, needle punched felt is excellent for air filtration.

Roads & substrates: Needle punched felt is also used as a geo-blanket under roads and buildings. However, this is not an application area we work with.

Cars & boats: needle punched felt can easilybe moded into various car or coat components. It is also used in seats to cover the springs and as a dust cover.


Furnitures and beds








Food products



Needle punched felt is the original nonwoven material. It is made of fibers (one or multiple types) that are mixed in a silo and then carded into batting, which then is then passed through a needle loom. Hooked needles combine the fibers into needle punched felt. The needle punched felt can also be subsequently pressed and melted together using heat for a stiffer felt.

Our Needle Punched Felt:

We offer all types of needle punched felt for industrial production.

We can offer needle punched felt made from different mixtures of fibers to achieve a variety of properties. With deliveries either directly from our stock or specially produced based on your particular needs.

We offer both needle punched felt with melt fiber, which can make the material very stable, as well as softer material without melt fiber.

We also offer needle punched felt with anti-smell treatment that neutralizes and removes bad smells

We have needle punched felt in a variety of lengths and in widths of the 5 meters. We also have weights from 70–1500 g/sqm.

Are you not sure exactly what you are looking for? Let us know what properties you need or what demands you have and we will help you find the right product.