Perfect for fine filtration and face masks

Meltblown is a nonwoven with very thin fibers that making it extra suitable for different types of filtration and absorption applications – it is almost always used as a filter core in face masks.
Sample of Meltblown



  • Filters particles and infections
  • Dense
  • Fragile if not coated
  • Can be adjusted to absorb or repell liquids

Meltblown is quite fragile because the fibers are so thin and short, which also gives the material its unique properties: it can let through, for example, the air in a mouthguard – but not drops of liquid. It can also be used to let oil pass through but hinders small particles.

To prevent the material from breaking, meltblown is often coated with another type of nonwoven, such as spunbond, for stability and durability. Sometimes it is coated on both sides – so that the meltblown acts as a filtering core.

By coating meltblown or mixing its fiber with other materials, you can add different types of properties to the material such as making it both water-absorbent and water-repellent.

The material can be both super thin and thick – depending on which application area it is to be used in.

Wipes: it is used in different types of wipes

Face masks: As filter core in face masks used in healthcare and construction, In healthcare to filters out infections in saliva and air. In construction to filters out harmful particles from being inhaled.

Filtration: Since the material is so dense, it can filter out particles but still allow liquids, air or oil to pass through.

Absorption: By adding absorbent fibers or an absorbent carrier to the material, it can be used in various types of absorbents.


Furnitures and beds








Food products



It is made of plastic granules in polypropylene that are melted down and pressed out as short very thin fiber threads. The fiber threads are distributed on a conveyor belt. The material becomes very fragile so you can add hot spots or microscopic perforation to get more stability - or coat it with other materials, such as spunbond, for stability.

Our Meltblown:

We offer different types of meltblown, as well as having custom-made meltblown developed based on special properties that are in demand. We mainly target manufacturing companies.

We offer meltblown based on polypropylene. The material is often coated with a carrier for durability or stability. We have meltblown that is already coated with spunbond – but we can also deliver meltblown if you will coat the material in your own production process.

Usually, the material contains only one type of fiber, but in special cases you can add other material to add properties such as liquid rejection or absorption.

Our meltblown can be delivered on a roll in both large and small sizes – in weights from 17-15 g / m2 for face masks up to 200-400 g / m2 for absorbents.

Are you not sure exactly what you are looking for? Let us know what properties you need or what demands you have and we will help you find the right product.