Clean Air and Liquids

Nonwoven is used as both a filter and a filter backing because of the ability to control the permeability level of both liquid and air. This is done in part through choice of fiber in manufacturing and in part through how the material is treated during the manufacturing process, such as perforation and heat.

Both needle punched felt and spunbond are used for air and liquid filtration since the permeability level can be adjusted. Needle punched felt is used more often for filtration, while spunbond is used more often as a backing and stabilizer for a filter.

Needle punched felt has a higher level of air permeability and is usually used for air filtration.

Strong and durable
Spunbond is a naturally hydrophobic material. This means that it does not absorb liquid. Spunbond can, however, allow liquid to pass through if it is treated.

Needle punched felt is stronger and thicker than spunbond, which makes it good at stopping particulates and dust.

Nonwoven is a really amazing material. It is used as both a backing for filters and as filter media. We usually work with the customer to find the right material. And it is not unheard of for us to develop a completely new material that suits the customer’s needs.

Johan Georgson, CEO, Scandinavian Nonwoven

What We Deliver:

We deliver both needle punched felt and spunbond for liquid or air filtration with different permeability properties for liquids, particulates and air.

We have Scandinavia’s largest range of nonwovens, but we also develop nonwoven based on needs. Contact us if you are unsure about which material best suits your product.

Spunbond is often used as a backing for filters, and coated spunbond is sometimes also used for the actual filtration of liquid and air. We deliver by the roll or the sheet in different sizes and thicknesses, and with different properties.

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Meltblown is used as filter media when you need to filter our small particles while letting through, air, liquid or oil.

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Needle punched felt
Needle punched felt has a higher level of air permeability, is stronger, and is usually thicker than spunbond. We deliver needle punched felt with different properties by the roll and in different weights and sizes.

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