What we also do

We develop and deliver

We both develop new materials and offer Scandinavia’s largest range of nonwovens for direct delivery from our warehouse. Many of our customers use our know-how to find the right material and in many cases we help to develop new products.

In many cases, our customers come to us with more or less tricky assignments. They need a nonwoven with special features that they haven’t been able to find on the market.

Sometimes the customer wants a material that already exists, but investigates whether it is possible to get it with improved properties, or at a more competitive price.

The first thing we do is we scan our large network of suppliers around the world for a similar material. If we do not find it, then we begin to develop. Often you start from a similar nonwoven and make adjustments such as changing the coating or mixing in other fibers to change the function and still keep the cost at a reasonable level.

Together with the customer, we evaluate and test the material until it works according to the specification.

We have access to a huge range of nonwovens through our large network of suppliers worldwide. And the range is growing in connection with new nonwoven materials being developed by our suppliers

We are constantly looking for new materials and right now we have a strong focus on finding sustainable nonwoven as it is the market’s greatest demand right now.

We order some nonwoven from suppliers, and we have some nonwoven in stock for quick delivery.

When customers approach us with really tricky challenges, it usually turns out really good. We love this: finding and developing new nonwovens that meet customer requirements. This is also when the customer ends up really satisfied.

Johan Georgson, CEO, Scandinavian Nonwoven

What we also do


We Warehouse and Distribute

We help many customers by warehousing large volumes of materials for them so they do not have to maintain a stock. In most cases, we also handle all logistics and distribution of the material so that it works with their manufacturing process.

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We Convert and Refine

With our conversion machines, we can ensure that the nonwoven material is delivered in the dimensions our customers need in their manufacturing process. We are capable of putting the material in sheets or creating new rolls in different dimensions and volumes to suit the customer’s needs.

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