HDPE Nonwoven: Scanoflash

A unique material with incredible properties

HDPE nonwoven is an incredibly durable, printable and water-resistant nonwoven that also breathes as it allows steam and air to pass through. The material is used in everything from wristbands at festivals and protective envelopes to construction products, desiccants and protective clothing.
Sample of HDPE nonwoven



  • High tensile strength
  • Tear resistant
  • Water resistant
  • Easy to print
  • Breatheable
  • Does not let liquid through
  • Blocks mould, asbestos and lead
  • Blocks bacteria
  • WIthstands tough conditions
  • Recyclable
  • Low elongation

HDPE stands for High Density Polyethylene and is a nonwoven with  strong properties. such as high tensile strength and tear resistance. It is also printable and waterproof while also breathing and letting steam and air pass through. Our HDPE nonwoven is called Scanoflash.

The material is so dense that it blocks organic and harmful substances such as bacteria, mold or asbestos.

The material is recyclable, which means it can be reused in other products.


Printing products: It can be used for printing products that must be able to withstand tough weather conditions. For example, entry wristbands, number tags for various competitions and security envelopes.

It is also optimized for outdoor products that, unlike paper, needs to be resistant to water and can withstand tough conditions without the print being affected.

Protective clothing: Since the material is incredibly durable and can let steam pass through, it can be used for protective clothing in both construction and healthcare as well as high-risk waste handling. The material stops  harmful or chemical substances as it is so tight that it does not allow mold, asbestos or lead to pass through.

Healthcare: Scanoflash can be used for protective clothing in healthcare as it prevents bacteria from getting through. This also makes it suitable for sterile packaging.

Maps and drawings: It is used for maps or drawings that need to withstand rain and tough weather conditions. The print on Scanoflash is very precise and the material can withstand tough conditions without damaging the quality of the print or the material.

Desiccants: desiccants that are used for long-distance transport of goods that encapsulate moisture need to have a very high tensile strength.  The weight of the liquid that the desiccants encapsulate over time can be immense. Therefore, Scanoflash is particularly suitable for this type of absorbent due to its strength and ability to let moisture and steam through while blocking water.

Construction: Scanoflash is very suitable for various types of construction products in walls and ceilings as it is inorganic, durable and breathable. Scanoflash is very strong and stable with low extensibility. In addition, the material is so dense that it blocks harmful substances such as mould, asbestos or lead.

Packaging: Scanoflash is used in the packaging industry when there are high demands on durability and good printing possibilities. The material can, among other things, be used to seal packages as a cover or lid.


Furnitures and beds








Food products



HDPE stands for High Density Polyethylene. It is very complicated to produce but its strong propreties makes it a very attractive nonwoven on the market.

Our HDPE nonwoven: Scanoflash

Our own HDPE nonwoven is called Scanoflash and is available in both stiffer and more soft versions as well as in different sizes and thicknesses both in rolls and sheets.

Scanoflash can be coated or treated in different way in order to adjust the properties of the material such as anti-static treatment and corona treatment for printing.

We deliver as sheets or on rolls up to 1600 mm in width and up to 2500 meters per roll. Our Scanoflash starts at 50 g/m2.


We supply Scanoflash both off-the-shelf or custom-made for different special requirements.

If you don’t know exactly what you are looking for , just tell us  about the requirements you have and we’ll do our best to help you find or develop a nonwoven that fit your needs. Contact Us!