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Reduce your climate footprint

The demand for sustainable nonwoven has increased significantly. We believe it’s the most major revolution the nonwoven industry has faced. And it will have an effect for many years to come. We are continuously working together with clients and supplier to develop new sustainable nonwovens.
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  • Sustainable
  • Environment friendly
  • Biodegradable
  • Renewable
  • Recyclable

According to a sustainability report from the industry organization Edana, only 30% of nonwovens are produced from renewable raw materials, while 70% is made from petroleum based raw material. This is one of the major challenges this industry is facing; to find alternative raw materials that both fulfil property requirement and is biodegradable and/or renewable.

We especially see an increased demand in industries whose climate footprint is being discussed and constantly evaluated. For example, within auto, packaging, disposable products and within the furniture industry. In these industries there is a large environmental gain when changing to sustainable nonwovens.

As it is now, PLA is accounting for the majority of the biodegradable nonwovens. PLA is a starch-based material that has a

significantly lower impact on the environment compared to petroleum-based raw materials used in nonwoven.

In some industries it is critical to look at how the nonwoven can be recycled. Using recycled material is also an alternative, such as using recycled PET bottles for making the nonwovens.

Another road is using different layers of the same type of polymer, making the product a monomer. This makes it easier to melt down and recycle it without losing properties.

As the demand for sustainable nonwoven is increasing it might also lead to a future deficiency in raw materials among suppliers. So, make sure to plan production and order sustainable/recyclable nonwoven well in advance!


Sustainable nonwoven we offer

In addition to directly offer sustainable nonwovens, we also develop new sustainable nonwovens to our customers within several manufacturing industries.

We develop sustainable nonwovens
We are working with several customers and suppliers to develop renewable, biodegradable or recyclable nonwovens that fit client specific criteria.

Contact us if you want help developing new sustainable nonwovens.

Needlepunch felt
Needle punched felt is a nonwoven that is easy to manufacture with recycled material. Let us help you develop a needle punched felt that fit your requirements.

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Spunbond from PLA
A starch based biodegradable spunbond. We offer it in several dimensions and with different properties.

Spunbond from PET bottles
We offer a spunbond that is manufactured from recycled PET bottles. In this way we prolong the lifetime of plastics that are already circulating.

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