What we do

Warehouse and distribution

We help many customers to stock nonwovens in large volumes so that they can avoid stocking themselves. In most cases, we also handle all logistics and distribution of the material so that it works with their manufacturing process.

We have a large warehouse adjacent to our head office in Kristianstad.

The fact that we always have a lot of nonwoven in stock for direct delivery, something our customers often appreciate as delivery times from other countries can take a long time.

In our warehouse, we also have the opportunity to stock larger volumes of nonwoven for our customers who do not want or have the opportunity to stock themselves.


We can distribute converted nonwoven directly to your production in the formats you need for the production lines.

We also have the capacity to distribute directly to wholesalers or retailers.

To be able to stock and distribute is a key factor for many of our clients as they themselves don't have the capacity or will to do this.

Johan Georgson, CEO, Scandinavian Nonwoven

What we also do

We Develop and Deliver

We both develop new materials and offer Scandinavia’s largest range of nonwoven materials for immediate delivery from our warehouse. Many of our customers benefit from our know-how in that we help them find the right material and, in many cases, develop new products.

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We Convert and Refine

With our conversion machines, we can ensure that the nonwoven material is delivered in the dimensions our customers need in their manufacturing process. We are capable of putting the material in sheets or creating new rolls in different dimensions and volumes to suit the customer’s needs.

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