Moldable and Resistent

Nonwoven is used for various molded components in cars and boats.

Moldable for interior components
Needle punched felt can be easily molded with the help of heat to fit different parts in cars and boats (automotive). For example, needle punched felt is usually used in the ceilings, interior walls and the luggage compartment of cars – the material can be clad in, for example, fabric or leather. In boats, fiberglass is used for both interior and exterior components.

Protection of soft parts
Soft nonwoven materials, like needle punched felt and spunbond, are used in soft interior components of boats and cars (like seats) to cover the springs and as a dust cover.

Nonwoven can be found in most cars and boats. It is really an excellent material that can be molded and then clad in fabric or leather.

Mariann Lifwergren, Sales, Scandinavian Nonwoven

What We Deliver:

Needle punched felt and spunbond are the most common types of nonwoven we deliver to the automotive industry. In particular, we deliver spunbond and needle punched felt that is both durable and cheaper than fabric.

We have Scandinavia’s largest range of nonwovens, but we also develop nonwoven based on needs.

Contact us if you are unsure about which material best suits your product.

Needle punched felt
Needle punched felt is a durable material that is cheaper than fabric. It is easy to mold and can be clad in fabric or leather.

We deliver by the roll or the sheet in a number of different sizes and weights for molding the interior or components of cars and boats.

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Fiberglass is very durable and can easily be molded in to various shapes for interior or exterior boat and car components We deliver fiberglass by the roll or the sheet in various sizes and volumes.

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We have spunbond of polypropylene, polyester, polyethylene and PLA, all of which offer different properties. We deliver by the roll or the sheet in different sizes and thicknesses, and with different properties.

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