Anti-smell pads to remove unpleasant odours

Long-lasting anti-smell pad that neutralizes annoying odours in a natural way. It is scent-free and never stops removing bad smells.


*Mold is a a warning odour. Longterm subjection to mold is a health hazard. Therefore we have designed Smellsfine to only minimize, not eliminate, the smell of mold.

Natural and Long-lasting

Smellsfine anti-odour pads remove unpleasant smells such as smoke, sweat, trash, rubber, mold*, stinky food, urine, pets, vomit, petrol and vomit.

Works fast
The effect is long lasting as the pad never gets saturated or ”full”. The effect can be noticed already after 10 minutes.

The pad works continuously. If the pads get dusty, wash in 40 °C to ensure that it keeps neutralizing odours.

The impregnation on the pads is eco-certified.

How many pads do I need?
Number of pads required may vary depending on space, odour intensity and how fast you wish to remove the smell. The experience of smell may also vary from person to person but the following recommendation gives a hint of how many pads you need:

4 pads cover approx. 20 m3
2 pads cover one car
2-3 pads cover one caravan

Application areas

Sample of Garbage


Sample of Under sink

Under sink

Sample of Toilet


Sample of Attic & Basement

Attic & Basement

Sample of Pets


Sample of Storage of clothes

Storage of clothes

Sample of Fridge & Freezer

Fridge & Freezer

Sample of Garage


Sample of Car & Boat

Car & Boat

Sample of Summerhouse


How do I use the anti-smell pads?

The pads can be hanged on hangers, places in cupboards, on shelves or in drawers. They can also be attached behind doors, under the sink, I the garbage bin or in cupboards.

How does the anti-smell pads work?

Odour particles release from a smelly origin, such as a sweaty sock. When they get in in contact with the pads, the coupling agent will bind the particles to the silica.

The smelly particles are neutralized in a catalytic process. It means that the articles are destroyed and turned into non-smelly particles.

The process is continuous and the pads are never saturated or ”full”. The pads can be washed if dirty or dusty without losing capacity.

Binds smelly particles
The pads are treated with a patented technology called Prebona CompoTech.

The formula consists of natural silica particles covered in coupling agents – a substance that will bind smelly particles in the air.

Try it out!
It can be useful to try the effect with different nomber of pads. The number of pads required depends on the size of the space, the intensity of the smell and how quickly you want to get rid of the smell. Smells can also be perceived differently from person to person.


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main benefits of using Smellsfine anti-smell pad?
The simplicity, efficiency and the unique long-lasting function.

What odours can the pad remove?
Most odours are removed up to 99%, some are significantly reduced. For example, urine, sweat, smoke, pets, garbage, mold, food, foul food, gasoline and rubber.

How do I use Smellsfine anti-smell pad in the best way
For preventive purposes, as pleasurable measures and in urgent cases. Place the pad lying down, standing, suspended or mounted with mounting pads.

How do I sort the anti-smell pad?
As combustible waste.

Does the anti-smell pad  smell anything?

In which rooms can I use anti-smell pad?
In all cases where you wish to remove odours, both for preventive purposes and in urgent cases. In wardrobes, drawers, bags, refrigerators and freezers, kitchen cabinets and drawers, bathrooms, toilet rooms, cleaning cabinets, garbage cabinets, cars, caravans, motorhomes, basements, attics, storage and generally in the home.

How long does the effect last?
The anti-smell effect lasts the lifespan of the pad but can decrease after a few years depending on whether the anti-smell pad wears or becomes dirty.

Can I wash the pad if it gets dirty?
Yes, without the effect significantly diminishing. Select 40 ° C.

Has the function of the anti-smell screen been tested?
Yes. Tests in labs and with test panels show that odours can be removed up to 99%.

What does the pads consist of?
The fabric is made of needle felt and the impregnation is base om amorphous silicic acid made according to a patented technology.

Are there any toxic substances in the impregnation such as phthalates, biocides or perfumes?
No, the anti-smell pad is treated with a mixture of only amorphous silicic acid, water and wetting agent. Silicon is the earth’s most abundant mineral and is found in e.g. sand and clay.

Is it dangerous if my dog ​​licks the anti-smell pad?
No, the pad does not emit any dangerous substances.

Does the anti-smell pad work even in cold and sub-zero temperatures?
Yes, it can be used with good results in refrigerators and freezers.

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